Waterproofing Systems
Products included in this system
Vetoproof CM745

Elastomeric crack-bridging cementitious waterproof membrane

Vetoproof CM744

Polymer modified water resistant cementitious top coat

Vetoproof CM741

Single component penetrating waterproofing system for concrete

Vetoproof CM740

Single component elastomeric crack-bridging cementitious waterproof membrane

Vetostop SW1

thermoplastic SEBS based hydrophilic Swellable construction cold joint waterstop


Vetostop PVC water stops is a range of concrete embedded PVC profiles

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Featured system
Cementitious Coatings & Finishes - Vetotouch Range

Cementitious polymer modified decorative textured finish coat for exterior and interior applications

External and internal building facades.
As a finish coat for of EIFS / ETICS systems.
Plastered, fairfaced concrete substrates and pre-cast panels.
Decorative effects: Marble finish, Mexican, Spanish, Antique, and Textured ...
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