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Exterior Anti-carbonation Acrylic Coating System


To protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen and water, where there is a danger of subsequent cracks appearing within the substrate.
Suitable to protect all types of structures, cementitious substrates, masonry and aggressive marine and coastal environments.
Protection against exhaust fumes - Carparks.
Technical Information

Anti-carbonation acrylic system comprises a single component penetrating silane-siloxan primer and a single component elastomeric pigmented coating, both ready for immediate site use.

Anti-carbonation acrylic system is an elastomeric, water based protective coating based on a special acrylic polymer. It provides excellent elongation and recovery, dirt pick-up resistant, resistance to aggressive elements, UV light and rain. Because of its resistance to pick up dirt and easy to clean properties; the AC441 will reflect most of the sun rays resulting in cooler structures (when using colour white). It is available in a wide range of colors.



  • Can accommodate substrate cracking up to 2mm and cyclic movement up to 0.3mm
  • Excellent barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions, oxygen and water
  • True elastomeric coating with excellent elongation and recovery properties
  • Allows water vapour to escape from the structure
  • UV resistant with high resistance to the effects of long term weathering
  • Fast dry, it can be recoated within 2 hours thus reducing dirt pick up and down-time
  • Wide range of decorative colors
Products included in this system
Vetoprime AP443

Water repelling & anti chloride primer for use with Vetotop AC441 anti carbonation top coat

Vetotop AC441

Elastomeric, pigmented acrylic, anti-chloride ion and carbonation protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry

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