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Vetonit Bond Pure

Multipurpose bonding agent & admixture

Works as an admixture with plaster, lime/sand cement screeds, renders, mortars, and cement grouts when diluted 1:7 with potable water.
Works as a bonding agent and can be sprayed or brushed on green substrates to improve bonding of plasters, patching compounds. For renders, mortars, joint tape fixing, etc., when diluted 1:3 with potable water.
Use for both internal and external applications.
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Technical Information
Product Description

Vetonit Bond Pure is a single component polyvinyl acetate-based, admixture & bonding agent for cementitious materials. It is water-based, with a thixotropic effect, specially formulated to enhance bonding properties and improve mechanical strengths of cementitious mixes when incorporated with mixing water. Vetonit Bond Pure also reduces shrinkage cracks during the early stages of cement hardening by minimizing surface water loss in freshly applied mixes. Vetonit Bond Pure can be diluted on site with potable water for desired applications.

  • Multipurpose usage.
  • It can be used as a bonding agent & admixture.
  • Enhances bonding of plaster, sand/cement screed, render, etc.
  • Improves hydration & curing when added to cement-based mixes.
  • Improves compression strength & abrasion.
  • It adheres well to various construction materials, including concrete, stone, etc.
  • Ensure brighter & long-lasting color to architectural finishes.
  • Reduces shrinkage & cracks.
  • ASTM C932
  • BS 6319
Packaging & Coverage

Vetonit Bond Pure is supplied in 20 & 120 Liters Containers.

Coverage: 30 - 40 m²/Liters as a bonding agent.

Stated consumption data is for general guidance. Actual consumption depends on the nature of substrate, method of application, and wastage.

Shelf Life & Storage

The original sealed container of Vetonit Bond Pure has a shelf life of 12 months, provided it is stored clear of ground in a dry, shaded place below 35ºC.

Milky white Viscous liquid
Application Information
Instructions for use


Vetonit Bond Pure is a highly concentrated material. Make sure the correct dilution ratio is followed to avoid stiff & fast drying mixture. Follow the dilution ratio required for each type of premixed mortar.

As Admixture

Dilute 1 part Vetonit Bond Pure with 7 parts water. Mix thoroughly to obtain uniform consistency liquid.

Add the diluted Vetonit Bond Pure to pre-blended sand/cement plaster, mortar, or other dry mixes. Mix for 3-4 min using a mechanical mixer at low speed. Let the mixture stand for 10 min and mix again briefly to achieve a homogeneous lump-free mixture.

As Bonding Agent

Dilute 1 part Vetonit Bond Pure with 3 parts water. Mix thoroughly to obtain uniform consistency liquid.

Apply using a brush or spray directly onto the substrate. If using a hand pump, spray at a rate of 15 m2/liter. While the bonding agent is still wet, follow immediately by applying plaster, render, mortars or joint tapes, etc.

Note: Vetonit Bond Pure should remain tacky when applying top coat finishes.


Clean tools with water before it hardens. After the hardening, remove its residuals mechanically only.

Surface Preparation

Clean the surface well and free it from loose materials. Eliminate inconsistent parts, varnishes, grease, laitance, algae through sandblasting or brushing before applying Saveto Bond Pure.


Use the whole material once you opened the pack as the material starts to skin & then dry.
Do not mix with other materials. Do not apply the product at a temperature less than +7ºC.
For further information contact our technical department.

Additional Information
Health & Sefety

Vetonit Bond Pure is irritant and harmful; therefore, avoid direct contact with eyes or skin. It is recommended to use protective gloves and goggles during application. In case of contact with eyes, clean immediately with plenty of clean cold water and seek medical advice.
Ensure adequate ventilation when using the material and avoid inhalation of vapors.
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Important note

Saveto endeavors to ensure that any advice, recommendations, information it may give is accurate and correct. It cannot accept any liability, either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products, because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, whether or not following any advice, specification, recommendation, or information given by us. Saveto has the right to change any of the technical data sheets' specifications upon its discretion without prior notification.

Hard copies of TDSs are printed once or twice a year. Our technical data sheets are continuously updated as per R&D improvements and new 3rd party testing; kindly refer to our website for the latest updated TDSs.

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