Vetostop SW1

Hydrophilic swellable waterstop

Use on foundation walls slabs, slabs-on-grade.
Pre-cast wall panels and manholes.
Pipe connections and service entry waterproofing.
Use on box culverts, utility and wet wells, potable water tank joints.
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Technical Information
Product Description

Vetostop SW1 is a thermoplastic SEBS based hydrophilic Swellable construction cold joint water-stop. The profile has a Bond-enhancing grooved surface and unique swelling Properties with controlled and delayed expansion.

  • Active protection - Vetostop SW1 hydrophilic water-stop swell in contact with water to form effective compression joints.
  • It requires simple application and jointing techniques.
  • It has a controlled delay expansion rate to prevent damage to freshly placed concrete during curing.
  • It retains the original shape after repeated swelling and contraction.
  • Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling.
  • It sustains an effective seal in wet conditions.
  • Exceptional resistance to chemical attack.
  • MFPA Leipzig Nr: PB5.1/13-5154-3
  • European Technical Assessment: ETA-18/0304
  • MPA Braunschweig (1200/442/15d)-Pan 2015
Packaging & Coverage

Vetostop SW1 -  20mm *5mm section is supplied in 20 m/ carton, 6 rolls of 20m each

Shelf Life & Storage

Vetostop SW1 has an unlimited shelf life provided it is stored clear of ground in a dry and shaded place below 35ºC.

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Application Information
Instructions for use

Design Criteria

Vetostop SW1 should be used to prevent the passage of water through the non-movement joint in both new in-situ concrete and between new and existing concrete. Swelling of Vetostop SW1 in fresh concrete is minimal, and most of the volume swell takes place after the initial hardening of the concrete has taken place. Vetostop SW1 water-stop should be positioned to ensure that a minimum of 70 mm cover of concrete is present to accommodate pressure developed during the swelling process. It is recommended that the strip is fixed by both adhesive and mechanical means to ensure maximum contact with the joint faces and to avoid displacement when pouring the fresh concrete.

Instructions to use

Vetostop SW1 may be positioned by bonding using Vetostop XSW adhesive. Install the Vetostop SW1 either into a groove cast in the concrete or directly onto the concrete surface. Vetostop SW1 can also be fastened by using masonry nails at (250-400) mm centers.

Vetostop SW1 is suitable for use in most weather conditions, but heavy rain or prolonged immersion will cause sudden swelling. Should this occur, it is necessary to allow the Vetostop SW1 to dry out or dry it with a hot air gun before pouring the concrete.

Vetostop SW1 should not be used in expansion joints or any concrete section of less than 150 mm width. No welding is required, Splices are formed as butt- joints or overlapped.


Additional Information
Health & Sefety

There are no known hazards associated with Vetostop SW1 during regular use. Refer to the product Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.

Important note

Saveto endeavors to ensure that any advice, recommendations, information it may give is accurate and correct. It cannot accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products because it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, whether or not following any advice, specification, recommendation, or information given by us. Saveto has the right to change any of the technical datasheets' specifications upon its discretion without prior notification.

Hard copies of TDSs are printed once or twice a year. Our technical data sheets are continuously updated as per R&D improvements and new 3rd party testing; kindly refer to our website for the latest updated TDSs.

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