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Silo load measurement was primitive it its application, resulting in inaccurate data, unnecessary damage, product waste and operational delays. With Saveto’s Smart Silo Technology, we have revolutionized silo management by improving productivity, controlling inventory consumption, and assisting in reconciliation for a seamless workflow. Innovating to use the latest technology, Saveto helped reinvent the process of monitoring bulk materials stored in silos and ordering ready-mix plasters & masonry to mega projects to increase efficacy, inventory visibility, and output.
Equipped with smart sensors, the technology tracks consumption and inventory information in real-time and historically, providing clients with the accuracy needed to eliminate storage, stocking, and material handling. With the Saveto Smart Silo supply chain platform, clients can remotely monitor bulk materials stored in the silos and replenish their stock using a stack of advanced intelligent volumetric sensors via our sophisticated, where data is visualized to help stakeholders and decision-makers act based on real-time data.