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High Precision Grout

Saveto's High Precision Grouts designed to fill any gap or void irrespective of shape or geometry due to their high-flow, cohesion, and expansion properties and to withstand all applied loads.

Featured Products

Vetoanchor EG346

Epoxy Resin Anchoring Grout.

Vetogrout CG510

Multipurpose Universal Cementitious Non-Shrink Grout.

Vetogrout CG518

Nonmetallic Cementitious Non-Shrink Grout.

Other Products

Vetogrout CG513

Free-Flowing Non-Shrink Cementitious Cable Grout.

Vetogrout EG340

Dynamic Load Bearing Epoxy Grout.

Vetogrout GA514

Cable Grout Additive.

Vetogrout MH

Cementitious Non-Shrink Grout and Filling Mortar.

Vetogrout GA516

Plasticized Expanding Grout Admixture.