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Bonding & Agents Primers

Our renders and finishes are designed for those detailed touches. Made to address smaller touchups throughout a building, Saveto products are easy to apply and facilitates a uniform workflow to enable high productivity and superior finishing for internal and external surfaces alike.

Featured Products

Plastering Bond

Bonding agent & admixture for render & plaster.

Vetonit Bond 2

Multi-Purpose Bonding Agent & Admixture.

Vetonit Bond Pure

PVAc Bonding Agent & Admixture.

Other Products

Ready-Mix Bond

Multi-Purpose Bonding Agent & Admixture.

Vetobond 303

Solvent Based Carpet Adhesive.

Vetobond 400

PVC & Vinyl Flooring Adhesive.

Vetobond PB834

Polymeric bonding agent, waterproof mix enhancer & primer.

Vetoprime AC

A lightly pigmented special acrylic copolymer-based primer.

Vetoprime EP490

Versatile Solvent based epoxy primer.

Vetoprime EP491

Versatile solvent free epoxy based primer.

Vetobond AB432

Acrylic Polymer Cement Modifier & Bonding Agent.

Vetobond EB430

Solvent-Free Epoxy Bonding Agent.

Vetobond EB431

Water-Dispersible Epoxy Bonding Agent.

Vetobond PB433

PVAc Cement Modifier & Bonding Agent.

Vetobond PB434

SBR Bonding Agent, Enhancer & Primer.

Vetobond PB436

Polymeric Soil Stabilizer.

Vetoprime AP443

Water-repelling & anti chloride acrylic primer.

Vetoprime EP691

Solvent-Free Epoxy Primer.

Vetoprime CP436

Corrosion inhibitor for steel reinforcement.

Vetoprime EP390

Two component epoxy zinc rich and solvent free primer.

Vetoprime EP391

Solvent-Free Epoxy Primer.

Vetoprime EP381

Two-components, conductible epoxy primer.