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Plasters & Masonry

Saveto offers a smart plastering solution that ensures consistent quality throughout the project span while increasing productivity and efficiency eliminating the dependency on project resources and minimizing wastage.

Featured Products

Premix Plaster S

Sprayable Premixed Cement Plaster.

Spatter Dash SB

Cementitious scratch coat/ key coat.

Other Products

Acoustic Plaster

Premixed Acoustic Plaster.

Vetonit Masonry Mortar

Premixed Cementitious Masonry Mortar.

Plaster Gypsum

Premixed Gypsum Plaster.

Plaster Gypsum Perlite

Light Weight Premixed Gypsum Plaster.

Plaster Cement Perlite

Light Weight Premixed Cement Plaster.

Masonry Grout Filler

Premixed cementitious masonry grout.

Plaster Mix M

Manual Premixed Cement Plaster.

Premix Plaster LW

Light Weight Plaster for AAC Surfaces.

Premix Plaster SF

Premixed Cement Plaster with Fibers.

Premix Plaster HS

Reinforced EPS Cement Plaster.

Spatter Dash CB

Premixed Cement Scratch/Key Coat for Cement Board.

Spatter Dash LB

Premixed Cement Scratch/Key Coat for AAC Surfaces.

Vetostone Filler

Colored Premixed Cementitious Stone Joint Filler.